I feel like my last couple of posts have been a little heavy, so this is just a quick post as a sort of memo to myself – I went Christmas shopping yesterday and treated myself a bit, and as I’m getting more and more interested in veganism, I found myself increasingly noticing vegan products.

So this is something I treated myself to! I love Lush products, but it’s only since I read their Christmas catalogue that I realised so many of their products are vegan – this maple taffy lipbalm was £2.50, smells delicious, and its two main ingredients are coconut oil and maple syrup – uh, so it’s basically frosting?

I also picked up some Lush perfume – I didn’t realise they even made perfumes til I read the catalogue, but they do two sizes of spray and these solid perfume sticks, so I got a stick of ‘vanillary’ scent for £6. I try not to love vanilla scent so much, because it’s so typical, you know – but I really do. I think perhaps it’s with being a baker – I just associate it with sweetness and happiness. And their perfume sticks are vegan too!

I know veganism is about a whole lifestyle, not just diet, but this is an aspect that I haven’t thought much about yet – I’m not even a ‘true’ vegan, honestly; although I never buy regular milk/yoghurt/cheese any more, I will happily eat non-vegan food socially (or when I get a craving), and sometimes buy/eat products with whey in, for example. But it’s good to know that if I ever did decide to truly go for it, there are gorgeous products like these just on the High Street, and it’s becoming easier and easier to identify vegan products without having to scour the back of the packaging of, you know, everything. Vegan food for thought!

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