daily log

Home! Let’s do the log:

  • 2 x wholemeal toast w. soya spread & cherry jam + green tea
  • wholemeal pitta w. improvised bean salad & lettuce
  • ‘berry delight’ nakd bar
  • home: herb-crusted salmon w. potatoes, spinach & shallot butter sauce
  • a few squares of milk chocolate

I’m pleased with how non-disordered that looks! Even though dinner is like, twice the calories of something I’d make normally (and not vegan), I can accept that as a homecoming meal. No exercise though, as I had a five hour train journey today, so that’s the downside.

What I have found quite touching is that my mum did get in some soya milk for me specially, without me even asking her. My choices: respected! So hopefully even at home I can eat as predominantly vegan as possible (today excluded, obviously!), and I usually cook here so – feeling a lot better at the prospect of his holiday. She doesn’t know about my ED, in so many words, but I think she can tell how much healthier I am at the moment, and she’s super-impressed at how my feet have cleared up since I cut out dairy and began eating better. So I love that she’s being supportive.

Plans are up in the air for this week, so who knows what’s coming…

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